What we can do for you


Pro Tools HD is what we run our sessions through, allowing us to accommodate any recording requests you have.  Before your signal hits Pro Tools, though, we run it through our 32-channel TAC Scorpion analog console, making it easy to track the largest of bands. And because nothing compares to the warmth and fullness of analog recording, we also offer an MCI 24-track tape machine for full analog richness.  Our impressive collection of microphones and outboard gear assures you’ll produce top-notch recordings.  


Mixing is key in achieving a balanced and listenable record.  Each track of your song needs to fit in its own sonic place so as not to clash with other instruments.  Our engineers are able to listen critically to each track and make enhancements to really make them shine. We mix through a Control 24 Pro Tools controller which allows us to instantly recall every detail of your session and its automated controls give a more human touch to your mix.


Making your record “radio-ready” requires proper mastering, and involves a different approach than recording and mixing.  Critical listening and a level of finesse are required to give your records a professional edge and to ensure they sound consistent across every playback system, from earbuds to professional monitors.  


Our large tracking room is available for bands seeking a rehearsal space.  Complete with a drum kit*, stereo monitors, a mixer, four microphones, and everything else needed to facilitate a hassle-free rehearsal.  If you’re interested in booking recording time, having a rehearsal beforehand is a great way to both get familiar with the studio and get in some practice before the big day.

*We ask that you supply your own drumsticks, snare, and throne.


Our studio is also ideal for use as a film location, be it short films, features, voice-overs, interviews, or music videos. Our dimmable overhead lamps give you complete control over lighting, while our heavily – insulated walls create a quiet workspace.


All great records start with great pre-production.  Nailing down your songs’ arrangement, instrumentation, tempo, and overall “feel” are key in making efficient use of studio time.  Our team has decades worth of songwriting experience and can help streamline this process to save you both time and money.