Control Room

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Our Control Room is where the other half of the magic happens. We custom designed this room to produce an incredibly accurate sonic picture and strategically placed sound treatment to further reduce acoustical anomalies that are frequently present in many studios.   Front and center is our 1984 TAC Scorpion console.  With 32 channels worth of inputs it can handle the largest of sessions while its analog circuitry gives it a warm and smooth sound.  Flanking the board are our JBL Professional Studio monitors and our near-field Radian monitors.  Each pair allows us to accurately exploit the true tonal potential of your recordings.

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Our DAW of choice is Pro Tools | HD, and with it we have the industry’s most advanced software to further enhance your records.  Pro Tools’ ease of use and collection of production tools allows us to mix and master your records to a professional fidelity.  In addition, we stock many of the latest and most powerful plugins from Slate, Waves, Izotope, and others – all of which are at our disposal to bring out your track’s true sonic potential.  

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